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GTA7’s meet GTA8’s 2013

Hello fellow GTA7 members!

I know it has been a while since we have gotten together, but we have the opportunity to join the 8 Series meet and the 7 Series meet together at a fellow 8 Series owners place, off of Lakeshore, in Scarborough, for a nice BBQ on August 17th, 2013.

If you would like to attend, please email me saying you will attend, and if possible, let me know how many people may be coming with you, so that we may organize the BBQ accordingly.

Once I have confirmation from the parties interested, I will send out an email with the address.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at any time!

Hope to see you all out there!


Time for another MEET & CRUISE!

Well, I think it is that time to have another gathering before the really cold weather comes in.

With that said, there is an Autumn Cruise happening this coming Sunday September 16th, 2012.


Date: Sunday September 16th

Time: 11am meet - 12pm SHARP cruise departure (you’re not there, too bad!)

Meeting Place: Dave & Busters parking lot

Address: 120 Interchange Way, Vaughan

Time for another run around the Muskoka region! As above indicates we’ll be meeting in Woodbridge for an hour of chatting then depart northbound. The full round trip back to the Toronto area is around 400km. As I did for the Spring Cruise I will create a Google map of the route and have copies for everyone at the meet spot.


- the last 1/4 of the route is different than last year’s. Several new twisty and scenic backroads have been found and implemented into the old basic route.

- there is a lunch stop, a coffee stop, and a dinner stop. We never drive more than 1.5 hours without a break to stretch our legs, regroup, and use the facilities.

- the lunch and coffee stops are 30 mins each and I will give a 5 minute warning before leaving each stop.

- dinner will take place at around 5:30pm. Your choice of either Boston Pizza or Regatta Steakhouse which sit next to each other right on the water in Gravenhurst. 

- if you stay for dinner, expect to return to the GTA at approximately 9pm. If you skip dinner but do the full cruise route you will be in the GTA by 7:30pm. Distance from Dave & Busters to dinner stop = 245km; distance from dinner location back to D&B = 145km.

Link to the main thread:

I think it is the perfect opportunity to get everyone together once again and top it off with a day of great driving!

Let me know if anyone has any questions or concerns.

Hope to see you all there!


GTA7 meet hosted at Mosport, Sunday May 20th, 2012

The BMW Trillium Chapter is holding one of their many Autoslalom (Autocross) events at Mosport - Canadian Tire Motorsports Park – Driver Development Track this Sunday, May 20th, 2012. Registration is at 8:00 am and the first car gets on the track at 9:00 am. The costs are $100.00 (members) $125.00 (non-members). You must be a member of the The BMW Club of Canada or affiliate chapters.  Membership fees are $62.15 (HST included). Register early and get your car ready. Be part of the track walk.  This is the most important part to learn the course!  Late comers will have to get rides with other participants to learn the course. If you miss the track walk, you may also miss out on your first practice run!

The address is:

Mosport - Canadian Tire Motorsports Park – Driver Development Track
3233 Concession Rd. # 10,
Bowmanville (Clarington), ON
L1C 3K6

GPS Coordinates are:  44.055472, -78.678482

If you’ve ever wanted to take your car to the track, this is the best opportunity you will get at this price! Hope to see you there.

If you are willing to go, let me know and we can setup a caravan to go to Mosport!

Enjoy the long weekend!

A Hard Day’s Drive


I’m not going to call this short story NSFW. It’s not explicit. However, it can have an effect. Rather than whinge about my overly indulgent, detail-orientated phrasing that could potentially lead to irksome feelings of mechanized erotica and inner debate regarding automotive paraphilias — save it for later. Or for ‘not ever’. It was a treat to write as an exercise. So, I hope you enjoy this as much as I did whilst putting it together.

If a Ferrari was a woman — a business man’s mistress — it might go a little something like this.


Nobody walks like you do. You have your very own staccato beat proffered by both the hollow echo of those black Berluti wingtips on the cement and the metallic clink as you twirl that key ring over your pointer to strike your palm. I hear you from a hundred feet away as I rest there waiting for you all alone and on my own in such a cold and incommodious meeting place. But, these were the arrangements made by you. I am in no position to argue. You’re the boss.

A press of the keyless entry and I stir to see you close the distance between us. As you move nearer to me, it only becomes even clearer that it’s been far too long. Ah, the cursed black Gucci Caiman attache case that used to belong to your father. One of these days you’re gonna let me destroy that thing. Who needs that when you have me? Those keys briefly disappear out of sight right as the knot to your Brioni silk tie is pulled loose after a hap hazard unbuttoning of your shirt’s collar. I can feel your eyes on me as your suit jacket is relegated to hang over the handle of your valigia del commerciante. Hard day, honey?

The first touch happens with your skin meeting the flawless, chilly surface of the Argento Metallic’s layered clearcoat. Your stroke lingers over the high cut of a curvy hip before gliding down to skim along an impeccably flat stretch of my bodywork that has been conditioned by 
design to be both graceful and athletic. It feels so good. Why don’t you come play for a little while? Let me take your mind off those numbers and lines that confine you day after day.

The Daytona-style trimmed leather driver’s seat gladly accepts the weight of your form as you settle in against the textured and drilled Nero upholstery. The voluptuousness of its considerable bolstering both supports and cradles to encourage clocking longer and longer spans of time behind the controls. A perfect fit.

There’s something about that key’s textured grip. The mix of the smooth chiseled veneer of the prancing stallion in contrast to the surrounding coarse material as it’s held between the sensitive pads of both your thumb and pointer finger. Then comes the intrinsic wave of excitement as the sensation of the carved metal strip rubs its ridges along the insides of the ignition’s tumbler. Don’t you love the way it feels going in?

Confidence demands a willing foot to find its place on the drilled brake pedal setting alight the two circular crimson lamps so artfully wrapped into the sculpted sheet metal of a muscular rear. A click of a tight fit precedes the magical twist. You know what’s coming. As if I were seeing you again for the first time, a celebration of colour dances across your face with electricity now flowing through my veins, which conceal miles of equally vibrant wiring. Switches, gauges, buttons, and displays come to life standing at attention. Missed me?

The rekindled round pair along with a matching bar across the top where back glass meets roofline dim as the dissonant sound of the high pressure fuel injection readies the striking of the match. Brighter than ever, the illuminated set of three now blaze with the sudden arrival of the growl that lies somewhere between rumble and snarl. Ahead, quad headlamps slice without hesitation through the invading dark of the night revealing your path. What was once a wall of porous white behind you now seemingly glimmers a supernatural shade of scarlet. I’ve missed you.

A flex of your ankle and you fan the flames burning inside my 5.7L twelve cylinder powerplant mounted before you only a few feet beyond your touch. Sprinting  towards redline, the needle passes along the satin black tachometer sailing by the large crisply printed numbers gracing midway between the seven and eight before collapsing back just as quickly. Matching drumfire explodes out of the rear quad exhaust reverberating against the cement of the empty carpark. The harsh blast ends with an intimidating crackle before settling down into what could almost be described as a purr of contentment. Five hundred and thirty-three horsepower never sounded so good to you.

Bypassing the dial controlling the opaqueness of the electrochromic glass panel, a finger curved over the raised switch situated to the side activating the roof’s motor. The smooth and graceful rotation brought it into an effortless flip down onto the rear deck aft of the cabin. With perfect timing of which only Mother Nature is capable, a pleasing yet brisk breeze skimmed the debossed ebony headrests and their contrasting white stitching. Exposed. You couldn’t ever resist the temptation, could you?

The late Monday night has drifted to somewhere in between damp and cool. Just another one of those exceptionally early spring mornings soaked in ozone with drying tarmac available to be used and abused. Its soundtrack — a subtle symphony of clicking traffic control devices, twittering katydids, and trilling crickets — is accompanied by a distant bass line thundering off shore over Hillsborough Bay. Your score is lacking the acrobatic and operatic vocals from our last little get together. The sounds I made when you lured me out and wound me up replay over and over in your head inching along the back of your neck only to tease their way down the skin against your jugular. Make me sing for you.

Pointer and middle fingers split to curve like mischievous bunny ears down around the polished t-bar shifter belonging to my electrohydraulic, six speed F1 box. If only you knew how good that feels. The muscles of your hand flex bringing the soft skin of your palm down against the bar. Another press of a leather sole to nudge loose a languid stretch of power from beneath the long and gently sloped sheetmetal of the hood. I can sense my playful coos melting away your hesitation. You know you want to.

Shoving it forward, you engage my drivetrain fully letting those Pirelli P-Zero Corsas rotate with the nineteen inch, five spoke wheels on which they are mounted. Coinciding with an obedient moan, both glowing needles now sweep along their respective measurements as we creep out onto the deserted street together. Rolling up to the worn white markings of the asphalt, stillness returns while you look at me. Be gentle.

Both sets of fingertips hover breathlessly over the shifting paddles as you tighten your grip on me. With a firm hold, you brutally twist me to my limit constraining me to the forced submission of your command. And exactly when I think I can’t take another second of being restrained, you unleash me. There’s a short lived frenetic scamper as I claw at the asphalt for traction so eager to please. Blood-pumping, heart-thumping, adrenaline-surging acceleration. I love it when you’re in control.

BMW E60 ///M5 V10

This past weekend brought out some good weather, and a cousin of mine just picked up a 2008 BMW ///M5. This BEAST has a V10 heart with 500+ hp and oh can it move!

He came to me because he wanted to change his stock 4300k bi-xenon bulbs to 6000k and change the angel eyes from the stock yellow to white. This is his 1st BMW, yes, an M5!

So we got started with removing the headlights and got to work!

Sorry, I wasn’t able to get AFTER pictures, as I was giddy to go and DRIVE!

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